Briefing Paper – East Staffordshire Patient Engagement Group


Briefing Paper – East Staffordshire Patient Engagement Group


Hi all, This is a very difficult time for our GP Practices. We know we don’t have to tell you but a reminder to our fellow patients cannot go amiss. We thought we should turn the caring around. Doctors and all the staff at the practices are doing a really good job under the present circumstances where appointments and telephone calls are in high demand. We need to keep all the staff fit and healthy to carry on looking after us!

Patients are still visiting surgeries unnecessarily. Don’t go if you have a temperature, a cough or underlying chest problem. If Doctors are infected, we are ‘up the Trent without a paddle’!

Think, can I get what I need any other way? • A telephone call is better than a visit or • Pop a note into the surgery letter box. • Email the surgery If we protect them, they will be there to help us! We all must look after each other and that means Patients caring for all the Doctors, Nurses and staff within our Practice’s.

Let’s look after the Primary Care staff and they will be there to look after us.

Thank you and keep healthy. Susan J Adey Rankin Email East Staffordshire Patient Engagement Group Gmail: Mobile: 07891791824

John Bridges Vice Chair /Secretary East Staffordshire Patient Engagement Group. Gmail: Mobile: 07590379892

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