Hay fever advice and treatments are available from your pharmacist


Hay fever advice and treatments are available from your pharmacist

As the hay fever season begins people who suffer from the allergy are encouraged to visit their local pharmacy – rather than their GP – for help and advice. Some medications may not work initially and you may have to return to your pharmacist to try alternative over the counter treatments until you find something more suitable to you.

NHS England  guidance states that people with mild-to-moderate hay fever, coughs and colds must pay for their medicines instead of getting them on prescription. You do not need a prescription for hay fever tablets, eye drops or nasal sprays as these items can all be easily purchased from your local pharmacy or supermarket, usually at a lower cost than a prescription.

The best place to go for advice and treatment is the pharmacy.  One of the best ways to control hay fever is with antihistamines. By going to the pharmacy instead you are saving your own time, GP appointments and reducing the NHS spend on unnecessary prescription costs. 

You can help to protect yourself from hay fever symptoms by wearing wraparound sunglasses, taking showers and changing your clothes after being outdoors to prevent spreading pollen around your home.  Try to stay home when the pollen count is high.

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