Patient Participation Group (PPG)

We are a group of volunteer patients who are working with the Practice to support, develop and improve patient services, organising questionnaires, trying to fill in some of the gaps and by signposting our members to available support services.

We meet about once a month at Branston Primary Care Centre during which we host occasional health-related talks from local healthcare providers, the NHS, voluntary welfare and Charity groups.

We also meet regularly with managers from the practice to discuss issues related to the Practice.

Our meeting dates are announced in advance in the reception areas, on notice boards, and on the Practice’s Facetime group page.

Maybe you would like to just be a ‘virtual member’ and receive occasional e-mail information about the group and its activities.

If you are a patient here, and you’d like to actively help your Practice, we would love to meet you in person at one of our events: – please email

We are affiliated with the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP)

PPG Talks and Presentations
The PPG has, over the past years, organised a number of talks and information events regarding health and well-being that have been of interest to our members. One of our most successful talks was almost two years ago now and was a runaway success – especially as it only, possibly, affected 50% of our patients! We had no idea that it would be so popular and, in fact, we had to organise three separate presentations to be able to accommodate almost 150 people that had registered to hear that particular presentation. The presentation in question was about Prostate Cancer.

We had a visit from the BPCG (Burton Prostate Cancer Group) – a group of people who in some cases knew first-hand what the term prostate cancer can mean to them and their family. We have been asked since the presentations if we could give out more information.

BPCSG Supports members and those newly diagnosed with prostate cancer within the East Staffs and South Staffs regions in every way possible. All new members, partners and spouses are always made welcome.

To connect to the group:- 
Tel: 07478 889577

Trent Meadows and Stretton PPG