Medical Students

This is one of the major non-clinical activities of the Practice.

We take medical students, usually from the University of Keele undergraduate Medical School. The students may sit in with surgeries from time to time. If you prefer not to have a student present, please mention this either at reception or when you enter the consulting room. This will not affect the care you will be given.

There may be doctors in their second Foundation Year – the second year since qualification. They are gaining experience in a range of specialities before moving into their specialised training years.

Registrars. The Practice usually has one or two General Practitioner Registrars working with us – they are qualified doctors undergoing further training to specialise in general practice. They may be with us for up to 12 months. You may make appointments to see them just as you would any other doctors.

Video work. As part of training medical students and registrars, as well as occasional personal development work for the established GPs, we may ask you for permission to videotape a consultation.  No intimate examinations would be recorded. The videotape may be used for examination purposes or assessment of the doctor’s ability. You can decline to be videotaped and this will not affect the care you will be given.