Stop Smoking Day

It’s never too late to quit smoking. Stopping smoking is one of the best things you will ever do for […]

Staying Healthy During Ramadan 2024

Ramadan in the UK In the UK, Muslims will be fasting during Ramadan 2024 for approximately 14 hours each day. […]

Think Pharmacy First

🆘🤔 Need healthcare advice? Thinking ‘Pharmacy First’ makes it easier to get help. Skip the morning rush to see a GP […]

3 Reasons not to miss your appointment

Help other patients. – If you book an appointment but don’t attend, another patient will miss out!

Community Children’s Nursing (CCN)

Welcome to the Community Children’s Nursing (CCN) web pages for Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. There are two dimensions to […]

Prescribing of Diazepam for Fear of Flying

Trent Meadows Medical Practice, has decided not to prescribe Diazepam for patients who wish to use this for a fear […]

First Contact Physiotherapists

How can a First Contact Physiotherapist help you? The poster and video below will teach you about the role of […]

Diabetes: Know your Risk

Diabetes Risk Factors About 90% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes; the signs may not be obvious, or there […]

Health Passport Campaign

The Health Passport is an important document for everyone with a learning disability, learning difficulty or autism, as it tells […]

Burton Sexual Health

Wednesday Walk-In Clinic for Under 18`s 1530 – 1830