Health Visiting Team (East Staffordshire Hub)

As you have registered your pre-school child/children with the practice we would like to inform you of the Health Visiting service offered to your family.

The hubs give families and young people advice and support from professionals within the 0-19 services and are the point of access for professionals and other health care services. They can advise on:

  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Child Development
  • Parenting advice and support
  • Behaviour issues
  • Family health

Parents / guardians can contact the HUB directly for all the above and speak to a health professional for support and advice.

East Staffs: 0300 303 3924 or you  can TEXT and receive a reply from a Health Visitor 07520 615722

For young person’s there is confidential TEXT service for 11-19 yr. olds 07520 615721